Monday, 29 September 2014

Introducing Nigeria's first High street brand, LA.X Nigeria

Introducing Nigeria’s first wholly indigenous High Street brand, LA.X Nigeria.
LA.X provides an affordable range of pieces in classic silhouettes made to international standards for the style conscious Nigerian.
Our designs, fabric and price points are tailored to reflect the Nigerian High Street fashion with strong emphasis on “What we like”, strong colours, rich prints, flattering cuts and light fabrics.
The first seasonal collection from the brand features ethnic-edged versatile pieces with a multigenerational appeal.
We are presented with an array of effortless pieces, from essential camisoles to trendy jumpsuits and printed pants. Men can also shop from a vibrant collection of graphic tees and shorts. There is something for everyone.
View pictures from the look book below:


Saturday, 27 September 2014

BEAUTY TALK | Makeup tips for hooded eyes.

Dearly beloved…….
It’s another episode of ‘Beauty talk’, and today, we’ll be talking about hooded eyes.
How many of you have hooded eyes? You don’t know what i mean by hooded eyes?
Ok, lemme rephrase the question…….
Do you apply eyeshadow on your eyelids, and then once you open your eyes, bam! you can't see the eyeshadow anymore? *Your eyeshadow is like “Now you see me…and now you don’t!”*.
Yup, those are hooded eyes!

Photo credit : Web

With hooded eyes, the lids are usually puffy or hang down towards the eyes, and covers the eyeshadow. Well, if you are the ‘proud owner’ of hooded eyelids, you can admit that it’s very frustrating applying eyeshadow on them ‘cos unlike those people that you can still see their eyeshadow while their eyes are open, yours just vamoose like that! *Eeeees a magical something!*.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Zainab graduates! | Her training in pictures

Hullo ladies….
Zainab finally finished her professional makeup training at the makeup school. It was really nice teaching her and working on her beautiful sisters. Eventually, Aisha went back to school in the UK, so she stopped coming with Zainab and then Sefiya replaced her as a face model.
 Zainab got a hang of drawing, filling and sculpting brows very easily after i devised an easier way to teach her to sculpt them. Her finished work sometimes made me sooo proud……She’ll do very well as a makeup artist.
However, Zainab didn’t finish up her training (she had 2 classes left) because she had to leave for the UK too.
So here are the pictures from the training......

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Office looks #06

Howdy beauties?

Finally, it’s the last of the ‘Office looks’ series! Can i hear a ‘Whoop-whoop!’?
Remember that my purpose for starting this series was to help ladies with ideas of some appropriate looks they can comfortably wear to the office. I had noticed that some ladies wear loud makeup to work which can really be distracting when they are attending to clients/customers. Imagine a banker wearing a blue eyeshadow which is not only loud, but unblended too….. not good at all.
So having done these 6 looks, you can easily choose any of them, re-create and wear it to work. I would leave the links to the other 5 looks at the end of this post for easy access.
Now for this look, i tried out something new i haven’t really done before……i mixed in a lot of moisturizer with my foundation (like a tinted moisturizer effect), because i didn’t want my face to have that heavy feeling foundation usually gives, since i was off to a school meeting.
 Also, the day i did this look, it was raining and the weather was gloomy so i didn’t have good lighting…... the pictures turned out okay though.
Here they are…..

Someone says 'Hello'

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

'FIX IT!' | Dried out mascara tube.

Good evening ladies…
Hope you are all doing okay.
You know how you buy a tube of mascara and the product inside dries out after a while, and you throw it away or just abandon it in a bag of forgotten makeup items? Or how your compact powder, blush or eyeshadow falls down and breaks into pieces, and you ditch it because it messes up your makeup purse? Or even how your lipstain dries up and makes application practically impossible and you end up tossing it? Well, all that ditching, abandoning and tossing is about to stop *Somebody shout halleluyaaaaah!*.

 Here’s introducing a ‘Fix-it!’ series in which i would share tips complete with step-by-step pictures on how you can fix and revive your broken makeup products, because let’s face it……makeup isn’t cheap! It doesn’t make sense throwing out products that you haven’t really used properly just because it broke or dried up… sucks even more if it was expensive!

Monday, 22 September 2014

PICTORIAL | How i do my eyebrows

***Lengthy post alert!!!***
B.E.Autiful people,
Hope you all are doing good.
Following the ‘cut-crease’ pictorial, here comes the eyebrow tutorial.
Now, before we begin, i would like to make some things clear……
Firstly, this is how i love to do MY OWN brows……Some like ‘em dark, some like ‘em long, some like ‘em bold and overly sculpted…..but me, i like ‘em light and natural – looking *you get?*.

I dunno, but i just feel that if i make my brows darker and overly and sharply sculpted, i would end up looking like a real-life doll *my own opinion though*. I mean, i see those beautifully dark, sharp and precisely perfect brows that look like they were measured with a ruler and a compass, and i admire them from a distance but i just don’t like doing mine that way……every mallam with his kettle *shrugs*.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Office looks #05

I can't believe September is just about to end *sad face*, my best month of the year….of course you know why.
So, i’ve decided to start speaking igbo to my kids at home *again* ‘cos i really want them to learn their mother-tongue. I said ‘again’ because i’ve tried it several times, and somehow i just give up because i always feel like they don’t understand me. So each time i start, i speak it to them for a few days and then i switch to English. And that witty ‘lil Mish is always like …….
“What did you say?”
“What is that?”
“Mummy speak what i would hear joooor!”.
It’s not like they don’t understand igbo at all…… sometimes they actually do, and sometimes they even try to repeat sentences after me, but i want them to be better. I’m really grateful to my parents for making it mandatory that we spoke only igbo at home when we were little shidrens……it helped us a lot. Of course we started with english at first, and then they passed the law at home, so we spoke igbo till we became soooo fluent at it.

I’m from Awka, and i speak our dialect veeeery well. Infact, when i speak igbo outside, people can immediately tell that i’m an Awka indigene. My dad also imbibed the culture of reading igbo into us all…… i and my siblings read igbo so well! He made us read verses from the igbo bible every morning. I really didn’t get what the big deal was then, but i do now. I really want my kids to be able to speak their language, so i’ve decided to speak it persistently to them at home whether they understand it or not.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

PICTORIAL | 'Cut-crease'

Good morning beauties....
So due to popular demand, i did a ‘cut-crease’ pictorial. The last ‘cut-crease’ i did was christened 'Moonlight' ‘cos of the silver color i used, however for the one i did in this pictorial, i added a twist…..i flicked the wings out and changed the color of the eyeshadow.

Some ladies really loved 'Moonlight' and so they demanded for a pictorial *they are also demanding an eyebrow pictorial too….loool!*. But i have to ask, are you ladies planning to wear the ‘cut-crease’ look out in the day time? How brave!! *i never chop liver reash like that*. For me, it’s rather intense to wear out in the public of igwe mmadu (in public) where everybody can see.

This post should have been up yesterday, but i really don’t understand what was up with my wifi connection. This morning, it got better, so here goes…..

Monday, 15 September 2014

Q & A | How can i prevent oil from sliding my makeup off my face?

Apparently, i was kinda misunderstood yesterday when i introduced the Q & A series. It was totally my fault though because i don’t think i was very clear about it. Ok, so lemme explain it better below…..
I always get questions from my readers through email, questions regarding skin care and makeup. A lot of people have beauty concerns and questions which they need answers to, so they usually email me with them. I’m certain that other bloggers get such emails too.
Usually, what i do when i receive such emails is that i reply them personally via email too. But like i pointed out yesterday, the problem with that is that when i answer one person’s question, someone mails me some other time asking the same question……not once, not twice, not even thrice…..a lot!
So i decided to start up this Q & A series. In this series, for every post i would publish one of the letters i receive via email and some of the questions i receive via BBM, and i would answer the question in the same post. That way, readers with the same beauty concerns would get the answers they need without having to go through the trouble of sending me an email *i really hope its clearer now*.
Ok, here is the first post in the Q & A series…….

“ B’nD, please i have a very oily face. As in, my face is always shining. It’s so bad that i no longer apply makeup because if i do, everything cleans off fast and my face continues shining. This is so annoying and i need help. I really love makeup, and i would love to apply it and look as good as other ladies. What can i do about it? Can you help me?” Ifeyinwa.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Introducing the 'Q & A Series'.

Hiya Ladies!
Why are weekends sooooo short? Ahn-ahn! You go to bed on Friday night, and before you know it, you wake up and “BAM” It’s Monday morning! Eeeees it good? Eeeees it fair? I think the federal gofament should look into it ooo! Something has to be done.
Okay, let’s get serious.

Did i mention a few posts ago that i would be starting a ‘Q & A Series’? I didn’t? *my bad*.
I decided on it a while ago because like most beauty bloggers, i keep getting questions about skin care and makeup from different readers. I answer these questions to the best of my knowledge and ability, and right after i answer one question, someone else asks the same question again. I answer, and the question comes yet again only in a different format and with different words.
So i came up with the idea of starting a ‘Q & A Series’ where i would post questions frequently asked by my readers and also my answer below the questions. The idea behind this series is that if i do it this way, readers who have the same questions can get to benefit from the answer that would be given and this would save them the trouble of sending emails, and save me the trouble of answering the same question repeatedly. Hey…I might even collaborate with some other beauty bloggers and get them to answer some of the questions!
I’ll be starting the series this week *by HIS grace*, and it won't be limited to specific days *like the Facials Fridays series*, rather i would post them spontaneously.
Now before that, i would have to loud say this…….
I am NOT a dermatologist, but i happen to have basic knowledge of beauty and skin care. It is this knowledge that i am ever willing to share with you ladies, and if in any case i have to refer you to a trained dermatologist, i would do so.

Now, ‘hask haway’!
Besos amigos.

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